Peggy Dauphin

Marketing Consultant & Coach


Thanks to her dual expertise in marketing and training, Peggy has honed a formidable proficiency in strategic marketing within the cosmetics industry. With a keen eye for market trends, consumer needs, and competition, she excels in developing effective marketing plans that position cosmetic products competitively in the global market. Her track record includes achieving significant sales growth and successfully navigating challenging market landscapes.

Peggy’s in-depth knowledge of modern marketing tools and techniques empowers her as an international training consultant. She crafts tailor-made training programs that nurture marketing teams’ skills, equipping them with the necessary knowledge to thrive in an ever-evolving business environment. Her dynamic training style fosters engagement and results in measurable improvements in team performance. 

With extensive international travel experience, Peggy has developed a unique expertise in adapting marketing strategies to cater to the specificities of diverse cosmetic markets. Her cross-cultural adaptability and sensitivity to cultural nuances make her an invaluable asset when training multicultural teams.

Grâce à ses nombreux déplacements à l’international, Peggy a développé une expertise unique dans l’adaptation aux spécificités locales de différents marchés cosmétiques. Son expérience internationale lui confère également une sensibilité aux nuances culturelles lors de la formation d’équipes multiculturelles