Marcela Nuez

International Commerce Consultant


Junior Consultant in International Commerce, multicultural, dynamic, and eager to learn. With several years of experience in Marketing and Business, she has found her passion in international trade projects. She plays a central role in developing and implementing global business strategies, adapting her approach to the cultural, economic, and regulatory particularities of various countries. In summary, as a Junior Consultant in International Trade, Marcela brings a unique and essential perspective to guide her team in the global expansion of businesses.

Her role requires a combination of skills in marketing, business, and intercultural management, making her an indispensable link for success in an increasingly interconnected world.

Son rôle requiert une combinaison de compétences en marketing, en affaires et en gestion interculturelles, ce qui en fait un maillon indispensable pour le succès dans un monde de plus en plus interconnecté.


Domain d'expertise