Our Team

At SA & CONSULTANTS, our team of consultants is our greatest asset. Each of them brings unique perspectives and skills that help drive our clients’ success beyond their expectations. We are proud to present our dedicated team that will accompany you on your journey to success.

Souzan Azizian

Head of Consulting

Sam Rad

International Affairs Consultant

Jackie Celestin-André

Marketing & Branding Consultant

Sylvie Kocen

HR Consultant & Coach

Olivier Cane

Higher Education Consultant & Coach

Valérie De Fougières

Cosmetic Regulation Consultant

Virginie Chatelain

Consultante Experte BPF/GMP

Adil Ait Ouahi

E-Commerce Consultant

Peggy Dauphin

International Marketing and Training Consultant

Valentina Longo

Product Development and Branding Consultant

Pierre Froidevaux

E-Business Consultant

Mahshad Mehraeen

Digital Marketing Consultant

Estefania Sierra

Administrative Consultant

Marcela Nunez

International Commerce Consultant

Jane Gaffiat

Brand Communication Consultant