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SA & Consultants is a versatile and innovative consulting company that integrates four distinct operational units, which we refer to as our “business units,” each specializing in its domain. Our goal is to provide expert, tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of our clients across various sectors.

We are proud to introduce our four Business Units:

Our Story

A Journey of Unity and Compassion

My name is Souzan, and I consider myself a citizen of the universe. I strongly believe in the power of unity, driven by care and compassion.

From Business Consultant to Founder

After years of working as an executive business consultant and achieving success in over 18 business units, simultaneously serving as a senior lecturer in various institutions from Europe to the United States, I understood that the key to success lies within an organization’s people.

With this wealth of experience, my journey began in 2010 when I founded my own business consulting company, offering comprehensive services to various industries, such as IT, Automotive, Oil & Gas. Called ‘Eazcon’ (Easy A-Z Consulting) I adopted an infinite (∞) sign logo to provide comfort and assurance to our clients. This approach worked exceptionally well, both for me as a consultant and my small, dedicated operational team.

Business Units

Partner in personal and professional success by offering a training service
Managing all services dedicated to cosmetics, providing a 360° solution "from concept to shelf."
Expert in authenticity evaluation, providing advice to collectors focusing on rare comic books.
Group of experts in digital growth and e-commerce, leaders in innovation.
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