Valentina Longo

Consultante en Développement produit et Branding


Passionate about Beauty since she was a child and with Business running through her veins, she undertook Economics studies, specializing in marketing at the best Italian and foreign universities, and cultivating the dream of working for cosmetic companies. And so it happens.
She began her career as a product manager in internationally renowned make-up companies, where her passion and attention towards the ever-changing needs of the customer led her to create innovative and successful products. Her innate curiosity pushes her towards another passion, that of foreign cultures. 

She alternates periods of stay abroad with travel, and this leads her to discover different habits and customs, experiences that become a source of inspiration for new products, projects and ideas.  In recent years, convinced that marketing must enhance business and not distort it, she has developed and implemented her personal approach to marketing which takes the name of “Holistic Marketing”, an overall marketing which puts man and humanity at the centre. soul, thus creating brands with a true identity and values: concrete missions, for long-term success.


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